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Packaging & Display

Welcome to our packaging and display section designed to enhance the look of your in-store Caddy range and increase sales.

From our research we have discovered that the reason some customers do better than others with sales of Caddy Watches has everything to do with display and presentation.

We have many options to choose from, you may decide to use as little as our complimentary custom design boxes up to a complete display cabinet. Whatever your requirements, we will try to assist you to make the best possible use of the space you have.

Custom Designed Watch Packaging
All watches come packaged in a beautiful custom designed Caddy Nubuck Time Capsule free of charge with every watch purchased. They come in five great Caddy colours:
Pink, Beige, Khaki, Chocolate and White

Warranty Forms
All watches come with a 2 year warranty form.
We have two types of warranty forms available:
1. Paper folded book

2. Plastic credit card style

Customers have three options for vaildating their warranty;
1. Online
2. By calling
3. By mailing us their warranty slip.

Display Material

With every 12 watches ordered you will automatically receive one x six(6) piece watch log display stand (BR1) and one x four(4) piece watch log display stand (BR2) absolutely FREE of charge.

Wholesale & Store Copy Catalogues available

Counter Cards

We have complimentary A4 counter cards to enhance your in-store display. We have two types available.
1. A4 advertising shot of our two hero models, Chloe Maxwell and Robert Ian Bonnick.
2. A4 profile of the Caddy designer, Christina Caddy.

Watch Display Cabinets
We have three sizes of cabinets available for purchase for your in-store display.

These cabinets are lockable, fully lit, branded with the Caddy name, they have a lockable storage area underneath, they are made from strengthened glass, and they can be on wheels on request. Costs are wholesale and can be paid off on a payment plan over 6 months (to approved customers only). The sizes are:

1. Small Counter 30cm x 40cm x 90cm
2. Medium Free-standing 40 cm x 40cm x 200cm
3. Large Free- standing 40cm x 70cm x 200cm

Please feel free to call us directly to discuss your requirements further. We look very forward to hearing from you.