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Caddy Facts Sheet

Caddy Design has two collections. Much of the below information relates to The Caddy Gold Collection. Read on further for facts on the Caddy Chrome Collection

18/10 Grade Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel products are manufactured from 100% stainless steel, not chrome, brass or alloy. Therefore our products will not rust, tarnish, are scratch resistant, and are more durable. Stainless steel is a costly component (four times more expensive).
* Most other fashion watches are made from chrome components and are sometimes dipped in stainless steel to reduce cost.

Water resistance
Our new watch faces are all water resistant to at least 30 metres.Our new dive watches are water resistant to 100 metres.

Genuine Mother of Pearl
Our new Genuine Mother of Pearl watch faces are made using the highest grade available.
* Most other fashion watches are made from imitation MOP.

Genuine Italian Leather
Our leather straps are all 100% Italian Cowhide Leather. They are of the highest quality and softest grade available. We have lined the underside of our watch straps with 100% genuine Italian Nubuck for extra comfort and durability.
* Most other fashion watches are made from Chinese leather or PVC.

Premium Genuine Gold plating
Our gold plated watches are processed to 3 micron with genuine gold(3 layers)
* Most other fashion watches are processed to only 1 micron.

Genuine Swarovski Crystal
Our Crystal range uses genuine premium grade Swarovski crystals.
* Most other fashion watches are made from plastic or glass.

Internal Components and movements
We use Citizen-Miyota or Seiko Japanese movements in all of our watches, which are considered to be of the same standard as Swiss movements.
* Most other fashion watches are made from unreliable plastic Chinese movements.

Quick Release Technology
Our new watch straps have a stainless steel quick release mechanism enabling easy and hassle-free swapping of straps and faces. This is our own custom design! You can have a watch strap for every day of the week!

New watch box - see packaging section
Our packaging has been updated. The new hard cased yet soft Nubuck covered boxes are durable and attractive. Available in five colours they assist greatly in display of our products. They accompany each watch purchased.

Warranty - see warranty section
Our credit card style warranty forms offer a comprehensive two year guarantee against watch mechanisms and are provided with each watch purchased.(Caddy Gold Collection only).
The consumer will contact Caddy direct so the retailer avoids wasting time on warranty issues.

Spare Parts
Caddy's service department is available to handle any spare parts and repair requirements.

ROHS Compliant
Caddy products are manufactured in accordance with the new European Union ROHS Compliance Standards (July 2006) which are the highest in the world. Our products have no lead or nickel and are of the highest quality available. Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

(RoHS) forbids the use of six toxic substances, lead, Chromium VI (hexavalent chromium),mercury, cadmium, PBB (polybrominated biphenyl) and PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ether) in electrical and electronic equipment. (Reference ROHS Website)
* Most other fashion watches are not ROHS compliant.

Australian Owned
We are still Australia's only wholly owned watch design company and have been at the cutting edge of fashion since 1996.

The Caddy Chrome Collection
The Caddy Chrome Collection is manufactured with a similar design process to our Caddy Gold collection. However, the Caddy Chrome Collection uses the following components in order to reduce the cost to you.

We use Nickel-free top quality Chrome Alloy. This material is also ROHS Compliant.

Imitation Mother of Pearl
We use a stunning faux-mother of pearl for our face dials that look like the real thing in a variety of natural colours.

Chinese Leather
We use the softest and most durable leather we can find at reasonable prices.

In order to bring to you a unique array of colourful, interesting and tactile straps we sometimes use PVC to achieve some techo-textile finishes that cannot be made from leather.

Seiko/Citizen Movements
We use the same top quality movements in all of our watches.

Other Components
All other components are the same in the Caddy Gold and the Caddy Chrome Collections with the exception of watches using Genuine Gold and Diamonds.For further clarification, please feel free to call us directly on 02 9387 6900.

Public Relations - see media section
Caddy is featured in the following publications: Who Magazine, Madison, In Style, Marie Claire, NW, Cream, Girlfriend, Dolly, Oyster, For You, The West Australian, Good Taste, Australian Gift Guide, Juice, and The Sun Herald, 3D World, Attitude, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Leader Living, and some twenty other trade publications.